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Our consultants have in depth knowledge in Customs clearance and Quarantine inspection services. Our consultants have developed the relationships and know how to help process your goods with optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

As we have in-depth knowledge of the rules that govern our international trade, we can meet with the suppliers at the country that you import from to help build relationships between you and your vendors.

We can also help identify and provide advice on any potential import consignments so as to help you determine the viability of importing your particular goods. Additionally we can provide quarantine advice on imported foods, Customs Valuation and Tariff Classification Advice.

We offer competitive and resourceful Freight Forwarding and Cargo Shipping Services. The use of the suitable packaging is essential to ensure that the shipments are delivered in the best possible way. In this regard, we provide the best packaging services suitable for every shipments.

We use latest Electro hydraulic loading/unloading equipment to make cargo operations as fast and safe as possible so that your goods are safely lifted and loaded with out any damage, thus saving customers time and money.

Likewise, we have gone beyond the industry standards in terms of cargo care, developing a range of solutions to ensure the safe reception and delivery of all types of loads.

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